New York-Based Design Studio LARS BÜRO Has Created The ‘Cybunker’, An Off-Grid Shelter To House The Recently Unveiled Tesla Cybertruck – Design You Trust

New York-Based Design Studio LARS BÜRO Has Created The ‘Cybunker’, An Off-Grid Shelter To House The Recently Unveiled Tesla Cybertruck

Inspired by the recently unveiled Tesla Cybertruck, Lars Büro has imagined a Cybunker, “a modular architecture that can be deployed as a hi-tech depot, an ADU, or an off-grid residence.” Made with a rigid steel “monocoque” structure, the aerodynamic module is able to withstand grueling environmental conditions.

More: Lars Büro, Instagram h/t: archinect

The photovoltaic-covered roof gives the Cybunker self-sustaining capability in remote locations or as a complimentary system for on-grid residences. The depot is designed to carry a variety of equipment and vehicles, including oversized trucks.

With a 1,800 square-foot interior, the Cybunker allows flexible programming. “Cybunker can be customized to serve limitless functions, including an apartment, shelter, storage, or other commercial uses,” Lars Büro writes of the project.

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