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ZFC-1: The Real Zombie Fortification Cabin


The ZFC-1 is a log cabin kit designed with the walking dead in mind.

The structure consists of three connected buildings. It comes stocked with reinforced slit windows, walls and doors; a barbed-wire surround; an escape hatch on top; and a living room with Xbox, TV and sound system. It comes with an arsenal storage unit to secure your anti-zombie weaponry. There’s also a toilet system, garage, kitchen area with microwave and an upper deck with a full view all around so you can keep an eye out for the oncoming horde. A garden section means you won’t have to take over an abandoned prison to start a small produce farm.

Spotlights available as an optional extra.

Upper deck with 360 degree vantage point and escape hatch.

Protected garden for growing vegtables.

Barbed wire surround.



If the time comes you need to be fit and ready.

Comfortable living area with music, tv and xbox.

Weapons not included.

Hand-picked from superior grade timber each 44mm thick interlocking log is finished to perfection.

All windows and doors are professionally draft-sealed to protect the cabin from the elements.

Roof Terrace.

The $113,000 (£69,995, about AU$129,000) price tag is for the kit only. It will cost you an additional $21,000 to add installation, $3,000 for security cameras and $5,600 for solar panels. Pricing is available on request for adding a water cannon, search lights or flame thrower to the package. There seems to be no option to add on a samurai sword, so you’ll need to provide your own. One of the cabin’s more notable features is a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee.

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