Modern Home Features a Staircase Designed Specifically for Small Pets

Architect Joe Chikamori of 07BEACH has outdone himself when it comes to producing a pet-friendly home. In the span of only 49 days, the architect was able to redesign his friend’s Vietnam-based residence by installing several modern features. The most interesting installation: a separate staircase for his friend’s small dogs. When deciding what to change during the planning stage, Chikamori’s priority was to make the house comfortable for the entire family—furry friends and all.

“The method to design for this house IS pretty simple. I thought of it as the most important how the house SHOULD BE. Comfortable for life with your family,” the architect wrote in a blog to dedicated to his friend, the homeowner. “I designed so that your house CAN represent your affection for your wife and two dogs, and I designed it with the image that this house will be like a gift to your family.”

From this description alone, one can see that the half-size stairs are incredibly meaningful. For Chikamori, architecture isn’t simply about technical blueprints—it’s also about creating a space that will house many beautiful memories.

Via My Modern Met, Laughing Squid, Contemporist. Photos by Decon Photo Studio.

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