Military Dads Have Tea With Their Daughters In Touching Photo Series

Lieutenant Navy Officer Andrew Bradstreet and Aliya. © Vanessa Hicks Photography

As a mom and Navy veteran, Vanessa Hicks knows that military family life can be challenging. That’s why she decided to celebrate the bond between military parents and their kids.

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Lieutenant Navy Officer Josh Hicks with his daughter Tatyana. © Vanessa Hicks Photography

“The life of military children has always had its challenges,” Hicks told The Huffington Post. “Every time families move, children have to make new friends, get used to new schools, and find new clubs and teams to join. So, I wanted to document a special moment with a little girl and the one person that she looks up to the most, the one person who fights for our freedom.”

Captain Air Force Officer Jake Sabin And Lila. © Vanessa Hicks Photography

The photographer advertised her “Military Tea Time Mini Sessions” on her Facebook page and website and received an “overwhelming” response from fellow military families in her local Monterey, California area. When it came time for the tea parties,

“the best part was seeing the glow on these little girls’ faces!” Hicks said.

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

Lieutenant Navy Officer Josh Hicks and Jasmine. © Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

Lieutenant Navy Officer Andrew Bradstreet and Aliya. © Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

Lieutenant Navy Officer Josh Hicks with his daughter Tatyana. © Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

Major Army Officer Matt Bender and Maddie. © Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

© Vanessa Hicks Photography

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