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This Photographer Perfectly Captures Sand Sculptures Naturally Carved By The Winds

Mother nature never ceases to surprise us with its wonderful creations– And while many of those creations are temporary, photographers like Joshua Novicki manage to capture them. Recently, he captured some mesmerizing sand structures that were formed by wind erosion along the shores of Lake Michigan.

More: Joshua Novicki, Instagram, Facebook h/t: demilked

In a chat with DeMilked, the photographer said that Lake Michigan is his favorite subject to photograph and he spends a lot of time walking along the lakeshore. He also mentioned that he has photographed the sand structures before in past years and he knew that there were the right conditions to possibly find them.

The photographer revealed, “They do not last very long (usually only a couple of days), the wind completely erodes them or knocks them down, if the temperature goes up above freezing they crumble and often in the winter they soon get covered by drifting snow.”

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