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There’s A ‘Sloth Institute’ Which Looks After Baby Sloths That Lost Their Moms


Founded in 2014 by Wildlife conservationist Sam Trull, the Sloth Institute Costa Rica has been rescuing baby sloths and giving them a new chance at life! The institute acts as an orphanage for baby sloths who are unable to learn primary survival skills after losing their moms.

h/t: sobadsogood, upworthy, tsf, omeleto


In order to equip the babies with the skills they need to succeed in life, Trull has developed a “soft-release method”. The method involves leaving their cage doors open and allowing them to roam until they reach full independence.


“The goal is that they eventually spend more and more time outside the cage and more and more time eating wild foods until they are 100% wild,” Trull explains.


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