Real Life Teddy Bear’s Picnic: Model and Her Daughter Pose in Cute Snaps with Huge Brown Bear


A MUM and daughter enjoy a quiet picnic in the countryside with a real-life teddy bear.


Model Irina was originally nervous about the shoot, which took place in Moscow, but after seeing how gentle the bear was asked if her daughter Katya could join in.


The tame bear, named Stepan, has been raised in a Russian couple’s home since he was abandoned at birth and has become very used to humans.


Irina gently strokes Stepan’s head as the pair lie together on a picnic blanket.


Katya and Stepan look like they make the best of friends as they share fruit and biscuits.


Katya gives Stepan a big “bear hug” as her mum takes hold of one of his powerful paws.


Katya holds out some food for Stepan to nibble on as her smiling mum looks on.


Stepan seems to have taken quite the shine to Irina as he puts a protective paw on her shoulder.

Via The Sun

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