People Are Submitting Pics Of Their Pets To This Instagrammer, And She Gives Them Hilarious Makeovers

Ida is an ordinary girl working a full-time job but the hobby she has chosen to spend her free time on is what caught our attention. Ida turns pets of her followers on social media into weird creatures that will give you nightmares rather than make you want to cuddle them.

It seems that people really enjoy seeing their furry friends turned into something out of this world because her so-called “madness” is rapidly growing in popularity with almost 10k followers on Instagram. It has got to a point where Ida is hardly keeping up with the hundreds of requests she receives every day.

With over a hundred creepy pet makeovers, that experiment with various forms and even combine different animals together, her work pushes the limits of imagination and we are not fully sure if we should laugh or be afraid.

Well, you can decide for yourself but prepare some cute animal pictures for after just in case.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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