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Beautiful Portraits Of Women During The Later 19th And Early 20th Centuries

Constant Puyo, 1903

Pictorialism, an approach to photography that emphasizes beauty of subject matter, tonality, and composition rather than the documentation of reality. The Pictorialist perspective was born in the late 1860s and held sway through the first decade of the 20th century. It approached the camera as a tool that, like the paintbrush and chisel, could be used to make an artistic statement. Thus photographs could have aesthetic value and be linked to the world of art expression.


Constant Puyo, Apparition, 1910

Constant Puyo, 1896

Constant Puyo, 1896

Constant Puyo, 1896

Constant Puyo, 1896

Constant Puyo, 1896

Constant Puyo, 1896

Constant Puyo, 1896

Constant Puyo, 1896

Adolph de Meyer, 1896

Adolph de Meyer, 1896

Adolph de Meyer, 1896

Adolph de Meyer, 1896

Baron Adolph De Meyer – The Cup, 1896

Baron Adolph De Meyer

The Black Bowl by George Seeley, circa 1907

Portrait of Martine McCulloch by Gertrude Käsebier, 1910

Mary Pickford, 1917 by Nelson Evans

Dolores, Vogue, May 1919 by Adolph de Meyer

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