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This Berlin-Based Photographer Makes the Craziest Creative Portraits


Guillaume Prugniel is a Berlin-based photographer and videographer known for his remarkable portraits.

His journey in photography began with self-portraits, capturing his own images during late-night creative bursts. This approach served as an effective method for mastering studio lighting and its nuances without having to wait for friends to model for him.

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As Guillaume’s expertise in shaping light evolved, he started inviting friends to pose for his camera, marking a transition from self-portraits to capturing the essence of others.

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For him, creating a portrait goes beyond merely clicking the camera. It’s about establishing a connection, which often starts with a casual chat, a cup of coffee, and syncing up. He highlights that many of the models featured in his work are novices in modeling, with some meeting him for the first time just minutes before the shoot. His role extends to making them feel comfortable and guiding them to ensure they look their best in every shot.

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Happy End James W Guillaume Prugniel Portraits Berlin 65f031846424b 700
Homebar Guillaume Prugniel Portraits Berlin 65f03186f2f77 700
King Of Box Iven Guillaume Prugniel Portraits Berlin 65f0318972be5 700
Penny Is Hungry Elli Guillaume Prugniel Portraits Berlin 65f03193ba43a 700
Stop Guillaume Prugniel Portraits Berlin 65f0319b73154 700
The Explorer Guillaume Prugniel Portraits Berlin 65f0319e1f5af 700

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