Spanish Artists Creates Attractive Urban Installations From Salvaged Tires

Tires in a city don’t seem out of place; but artists OOSS, Iago Buceta, and Mateu Targa have put the familiar objects in an entirely new context with their latest collaboration, Pneumàtic. Cut, salvaged tires are placed in both linear and circular arrangements along the ground, against brick walls, and in line with concrete stairs.

Created for street art festival Ús Barcelona, the installations are meant to transcend the formal limits of architecture. Although the materials are more solid than not, the arrangement creates a playful sense of a tactile malleability.

The works give seemingly impenetrable surfaces a sense of fluidity, causing the audience to question their own physical understanding of the limits of surface and form. At the same time, the works seem to speak to something deeper and less up-beat; the gradual collection of human refuse that involuntarily becomes incorporated into daily life.

Via Gessato

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