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Up All Night By Mariya Novakova: Nighttime Is Beautiful In A Series Of Moody City Snapshot

The small quirks and surprises that arise at nighttime are elevated anew under the cinematic lens of young Bulgarian photographer Mariya Novakova. Rendering nuanced shots while shooting from a distance, the photographer’s appreciation for the magic of the night is obvious.

Novakova hails from Plodviv, Bulgaria, her hometown and where she studied for a degree in graphic design and photography at the Academy of Music, Dance, and Fine Arts. Her interest in photography began in high school, when she first began taking photos of city lights and skies streaked with sunset with a camera phone.

“[During this time,] I became more aware of my surroundings, in a visual sense. The vibe of the city at night started to fascinate me,” Novakova shares with Creators.

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