The Looking Back On Sony World Photography Awards


“Bear Apartment Six” is a composite made up of 16 photographs of three sun bear cubs at Free the Bears Fund’s enclosure number six in Cambodia photographed over 90 consecutive minutes in June 2016. Each bear was rescued from the illegal wildlife trade when they were only a few months old. (Photo by Alexandra Cearns/Sony World Photography Awards)


Annual celebration of Dinagyang festival of Iloilo, Philippines. (Photo by Raniel Jose Castañeda/Sony World Photography Awards)


A swimming coach practices. (Photo by Zuorong Li/Sony World Photography Awards)


A manta ray swimming in the Indian ocean, Indonesia. (Photo by Daniel Hunter/Sony World Photography Awards)


Part of the series “The Flower Keepers”, a personal series exploring my imagination and thoughts, creating whimsical characters in a world filled with flowers. (Photo by Ellie Victoria Gale/Sony World Photography Awards)


“Equilibrium”. (Photo by José María Pérez/Sony World Photography Awards)


Waste from a paper mill is agitated by aerators, producing steam and foam, which are pushed by the wind. Clearwater Paper Reservoire, Lewiston, Idaho. Aerial Image (shot from a plane at 1,500 feet). (Photo by Jassen Todorov/Sony World Photography Awards)


Politechnika Warszawska, captured in Warsawa, Poland. (Photo by Lorenzo Linthout/Sony World Photography Awards)


This picture was taken in the forest area of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan has a huge population of the national bird and they are found in most areas (both urban and rural). This picture was taken during rain season, in which it’s a common sight to watch peacocks dancing. (Photo by Satvik Bhatt/Sony World Photography Awards)


2013 Sony World Photography Awards: Anurag Kumar, India, Arts and Culture, Shortlist, Arts and Culture, Open Competition 2013. (Photo by Anurag Kumar)


“Ivory Coast United”, 2010. (Photo by Luca Sage)


2013 Sony World Photography Awards: Danny Cohen, Australia, Shortlist, Enhanced, Open Competition 2013. (Photo by Danny Cohen)


2013 Sony World Photography Awards: Markus Reugels, Germany, Shortlist Split Second Open Competition 2013. (Photo by Markus Reugels)


2013 Sony World Photography Awards: Michel Lagarde, France Shortlist, Enhanced Open Competition 2013. (Photo by Michel Lagarde)


2013 Sony World Photography Awards: Pawel Uchorczak, Poland, Shortlist, Panoramic, Open Competition 2013. (Photo by Pawel Uchorczak)

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