Stunning Colorized Photos Show Child Laborers In Early 20th Century America

Photographer Lewis Hine documented at the beginning of the 20th century and during more than ten years, the tough daily life of children working in American factories and mines. Some of his pictures were colorized by Tom Marshall at PhotograFix.

“As a photo colouriser, my aim is always to try and connect with the photo subjects on another level, something not always possible with a black and white photo. Hine’s photos are perfect for this purpose as they are already very engaging pieces. The eyes of the children are often the first thing we notice, and his photos are so crisp and focused that I believe the addition of colour really helps to bring them to life.” – Tom Marshall

Here: Raymond Klose (middle), newsboy, 13 years old, St. Louis, Missouri US, 1910.

More: Tom Marshall h/t:

One of the underprivileged, Hull House, Chicago, 1910.

Roland, an 11 year old newsboy from Newark, New Jersey.

5 year old Preston, a young cartooner in Eastport, Maine, 17th August 1911.

Boy studying, ca. 1924.

9-year-old Johnnie and the shucking-boss, in Dunbar, Louisiana, March 1911.

Michael McNelis, age 8, a newsboy.

Jennie Camillo, an 8 year old cranberry picker, Pemberton, New Jersey, 1910.

12 year old newsboy Hyman Alpert, who had been selling newspapers for 3 years when this photo was taken in March 1909, in New Haven, Connecticut.

This photo show garment workers Katrina De Cato (6), Franco Brezoo (11) Maria Attreo (12) and her sister Mattie Attreo (5) at 4pm, 26th January 1910 in New York City.

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