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Fascinating Photographs Of The World’s Biggest Albino Family

The Pullan children Shankar, 24, Ramkishan, 19, and Vijay, 25 (back row), along with daughters Deepa, 21 (left) and Pooja, 18 (right) all inherited albinismn from their father Rosetauri and mother Mani (centre).

Hardship: Mani Pullan, pictured in purple, says her family which includes daughters Deepa (left) and Pooja (right) have had to battle prejudice in India as albinos.

Happy family: The Pullans, who are all albino, live in a small one-bedroom flat in Delhi.

The Pullan family say that despite their condition, they are looking forward to global recognition as the world’s biggest albino family.

Rosetauri and Mani (left) wed in an arranged marriage in 1983, but Mani now describes her family’s albinism as a ‘gift from God’.

The Pullans say they have endured a lot of prejudice as people find it hard to understand they are ‘born and bred in India’.

Younger generation: Pooja, 18, and Deepa, 21, are among the younger members of the albino Pullan family.

The Pullan’s eldest son Vijay, 25, says when he has saved enough he wants to find himself an albino wife.

The Pullan’s 24-year-old son Shankar, who was also born an albino.

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