World’s Most Secure House: A Zombie Bunker


The Safe House, designed by Robert Konieczny from KWK Promes in Poland, is made to be the world’s most secure home. With moveable concrete walls that seal shut, making The Safe House impregnable, it’s little mystery where people is going to run when the zombie apocalypse happens. The 6100 sq. ft Safe House is encapsulated in concrete walls. The walls can be configured to the owner’s desire and once safe inside, only a security code can open the home that also has an inner safety zone.

More info: KWK Promes


The reason this private home is an architectural feat is that every part of it moves; the concrete walls, inner walls, shutters and aluminum entrance gate. Being so large, one might wonder how these huge panels of concrete are moved. It’s all remote controlled baby! The Safe House was just nominated for a World Architecture Festival Award so have a look at the fortress below and get more at the KWK Promes website. See photos until the end to know why this home is the world safest house


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