It’s The End Of The World: Artist Steve McGhee Creates Horrific And Tragic Photo Manipulations Of Catastrophes – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007

It’s The End Of The World: Artist Steve McGhee Creates Horrific And Tragic Photo Manipulations Of Catastrophes


The guru of photography manipulations Steve McGhee. Let him say for himself: “My work reflects a personal interest in things human beings have little or no control over. We walk through life feeling like we’re indestructible, while in reality, we’re just the opposite. In the days and weeks following a major catastrophes, people tend to reboot – we get shocked back into being human. That is to say, we react in an undeniably human way… whenever tragedy strikes in the world people come together to help those directly affected. It’s just too bad we have to be reminded that we’re human in such terrible ways.”


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