Intimate Murals Revive Abandoned Buildings Around The World


In an abandoned church in Detroit, Michigan, a naked woman, lying down where the altar once was, is visible from the chest up. The woman, one of Faith47’s latest murals, is curled in on herself intimately. The peaceful image is especially beautiful beneath a decorative window, surrounded by colorful exposed bricks and a variety of graffiti.

Faith47, the South African street and studio artist who has travelled the world to bring images of human intimacy to dilapidated buildings, is working on series called 7.83 Hz. Named after the so-called ‘atmospheric heartbeat’ which occurs when thousands of thunderstorms combine to create a high-frequency resonance, the series depicts nude and sensual portraits with tenderness, while simultaneously allowing her subjects to hide from the viewer’s gaze.

More info: Faith47, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: thecreatorsproject)


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