31-Year-Old Independent, Modern Woman Draws Comics On Her Observations About Society

31-year-old Lainey Molnar is on a mission to empower women, and she’s using her creative expression to do so. Molnar creates honest comics that cut through all of the filters and focus on women’s role in society and the way it perceives them.

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“I believe that the pressure on women comes from both inside our own community and outside, be it family, media, or men,” the artist told Bored Panda. “It is incredibly hard to navigate all of their expectations and reach the milestones society has set out for us, like maintaining the perfect size and shape, being maternal but also ambitious, strong but also sensitive, staying youthful and fresh while gracefully accepting the aging process, looking ideal but not overdoing plastic surgery. I could go on and on and on, and we are all so tired of this.”

You could say the series was a long time in the making. Molnar, who is from Hungary and works as a digital business strategist, deals with content creators and women-owned businesses to align their goals with their social media, facilitating growth. “I started my career as my country’s first personal blogger and ran my blog and the fashion store attached to it for almost 8 years, wrote a guidebook for powerful women, and I also wrote for women’s magazines.”

Drawing and art in general has been Molnar’s hobby for over two decades now. “After my blogging days, I stepped away from the limelight because of the habitual online harassment I received, so when [the place I live in] went into lockdown [due to the pandemic] earlier this year, I decided to create a comic-style avatar for myself and started posting drawings about her to process what I’m going through (or all of us go through) as a woman under the pressure of society and just simply… life.”

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