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What School Lunch Looks Like For Students Around The World

School lunch varies from country to country, and today you’re going to see what students are eating around the globe.

Flickr: 31472241@N04

This is a lunch at a school in Bangalore. There’s curd-rice, sambar and a dessert which may be rassogula.

h/t: buzzfeed

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This is a lunch at an elementary school. There’s milk, soup, bread and what seem to be pickles.

Instagram: @sobhiforoogh

This is a homemade lunch, brought into school. There’s rice, tomato and a kind of lamb kebab.

South Korea

This is lunch at a South Korean school. There’s pickled sesame leaves, kimchi, doenjang (a soybean paste) stew served with rice and a side of grapes.

Flickr: amslerpix

This is a school lunch in Jalapa. There’s a tortilla, hardboiled egg, tomatoes and fruit juice.

Flickr: bookgrl

This is a lunch at a Texas school. There’s turkey taco salad, mashed potato, iced tea and peach cobbler.


This is a lunch at a Finnish school. There’s salad, chicken curry and pudding, string beans and carrots, served with milk.

Casey Lehman / Via sweden.se

This is a school lunch in Sweden. There’s a crispbread, slaw, potatoes and stew.

Instagram: @_oykusahin_

This is a homemade lunch, brought into school. There’s rye bread, walnuts, fruit and keffir.


This is a lunch served at a school in Thailand. There is a pork dish, rice and pudding wrapped in banana leaves.

Flickr: msittig

This is a lunch at a German school in Shanghai. There’s fries, a hot dog, carrots and bread, with a pudding.

United Kingdom

This is a lunch served at a school in Gurgaon. There’s aloo palak, rotis and halwa.


This is a lunch served in a school in Pays de la Loire. There’s fish, spinach, potatoes, salad, cheese and bread.

Instagram: @mgrimbertdesign

This is a lunch at a French school in America. There’s beef bourguignon and fresh pineapple.

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