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Digital Artist Explores The Hidden Darkness In The World Through Her Revealing Illustrations

Art can be an excellent way of letting go of all the pain.

After all, there is such a thing called therapeutic art. The following illustrations fall into that category. A digital artist based in Spain by the name of Sara Ruiz is the one behind these compelling works of art.

You can clearly see the rejection, the hurt, and the personal growth she has gone through and desires to help others do the same. Every one of these illustrations is unique and evokes a different feeling in the viewer.

Some of these illustrations do address darker matters like suicide, so you have been warned.

More info: Artstation, Instagram

Crumbling under the weight of the world.

No matter how hard you fall down, there will always be hope.

When the nightmares and dreams mix together.

Ending your life once and for all.

Stuck in a hopeless love that goes nowhere.

Always look on the bright side of things.

Trying to break free from the prison you’ve built for yourself.

Finally accepting everything about yourself.

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