Created With Billions Of Blocks: Pore Over These Gorgeous Minecraft Creations

Beautiful Minecraft, a new book from No Starch Press exploring some amazing creations from Minecraft, went on sale. The book includes 112 pages of stunning in-game creations, some of which, like the one above, look too good to be created of blocks, but they are.

More info: Beautiful Minecraft (h/t: polygon)

Vegard Elseth’s Lindblum Gate (2015) – one builder. 300,000 blocks. 60 days:

Author James Delaney said he put the book together to show “how players can become artists.”

The BlockWorks Team’s Gotham City (2016) – 12 builders. 25 million blocks. 5 days:

Andrzej Czerniewski’s Phain – Game Board of the Ancients (2016) – one builder. 10 million blocks. 1 year:

Mats Heiberg’s Babel (2013) – one builder. 8 million blocks. 31 days

Will Loader’s A Futuristic Past (2016) – one builder. 9 million blocks. 28 days:

The BlockWorks Team’s Deep Sea (2015) – nine builders. 32 million blocks. 6 days:

(left) Paul Fuchs’s Cthulhu (2015) – one builder. 100,000 blocks. 14 days. (right) Nickolas Morton’s Ferelden Frostback (2015) – one builder. 375,000 blocks. 41 days:

The BlockWorks Team’s Battersea (2013) – two builders. 3 million blocks. 8 days:

The BlockWorks Team’s Aeternium (2013) – 15 builders. 100 million blocks. 7 days:

(left) The BlockWorks Team’s Villa Rotunda (2013) – two builders. 260,000 blocks. 7 days. (right) Nickolas Morton’s White House (2014) – one builder. 200,000 blocks. 34 days:

The BlockWorks Team’s London (2016) – five builders. 30 million blocks. 13 days:

Andrzej Czerniewski’s Iaven – Magic of Colors (2014) – one builder. 7 billion blocks. 22 days:

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