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Curiosity Art and WeArtDoing Have Created a Captivating Series That Transforms Famous Pop Culture Icons Into Fluid Artworks

Art Liquid Modernity 01

“Liquid Modernity” by Curiosity Art and WeArtDoing is a captivating series that transforms famous pop culture icons like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, AstroBoy, and Darth Vader into fluid, liquified artworks.

Inspired by Zygmunt Bauman’s theory of ‘liquid modernity’, which emphasizes constant change and the fluidity of modern life, these pieces visually explore the dissolution of traditional structures through vibrant, dynamic forms.

More: Instagram h/t: theinspirationgrid

Art Liquid Modernity 02
Art Liquid Modernity 03
Art Liquid Modernity 04
Art Liquid Modernity 05
Art Liquid Modernity 06
Art Liquid Modernity 07
Art Liquid Modernity 08
Art Liquid Modernity 09
Art Liquid Modernity 10
Art Liquid Modernity 11
Art Liquid Modernity 12
Art Liquid Modernity 13
Art Liquid Modernity 14
Art Liquid Modernity 15
Art Liquid Modernity 16
Art Liquid Modernity 17
Art Liquid Modernity 18
Art Liquid Modernity 18 1
Art Liquid Modernity 19
Art Liquid Modernity Feature

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