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Molten Glass Is Hand Blown Into These Wood Pieces To Make Contemporary Sculptures

Scott Slagerman has always been captivated by glass – how it is transformed from a fragile, yet unyielding solid state to molten fluidity and back again; and how this mutable substance, though a process that is both delicate and dangerous, can create objects both essential and esoteric. He is fascinated by the role that glass plays in architecture, as well as in the everyday objects that we find around us.

To create each piece in the collection, the design is drawn on to the wood and then cut out using traditional woodworking techniques. Then, molten glass is blown directly into the cut-out shape and in to the wood. By blowing the glass directly into the wood cut-outs, it allows the glass to perfectly fit and they look as if they were naturally formed together.

More info: Scott Slagerman (h/t: contemporist)

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