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These Funny Surgical Masks Will Help Children To Live Better The Hospital

Beyond the illness, the hospital may be a traumatic experience. To help children playing down these difficult situations, designer Jyo John Mulloor has created The Care Mask, a series of funny surgical masks that turn doctors, surgeons, parents and kids into offbeat characters and animals!

An excellent project that seeks to break the cold and sterile appearance of the hospital, to help children better live their hospitalization. For the moment these masks are only a concept, but the idea is brilliant.

“I created funny nose masks that draw a smile

Whether we like to admit it or not, visits to some hospital sections could be far from light or pleasing. Upon your entry to an extremely sanitized all-white space, you might be expected to wear
a nose mask as a precautionary measure.

Beyond the obvious, a nose strip is a reminder of the place and situation-in-hand. A simple break of pattern can alter a moment and breathe hope in seconds- and this is what a simply funny nose mask can do. Medical practitioners can wear it to elevate the spirits of their patients, and the once-refusing and stubborn children will agree put it on while visiting the hospital.

A twist that’s cool, new and, above all, human,” he says.

More info: Behance

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