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Architects Create Concept Prison Ship That Can Hold 3,300 Tax-Avoiders In Game Of Thrones-Style ‘Sky Cells’

A giant jail ship with thousands of pods similar to the ‘sky cells’ that kept Tyrion Lannister prisoner in Game of Thrones has been designed by architects. Designers have drawn up plans for a giant boat that could hold 3,300 prisoners in its paper sails. They say the ship is designed to be a prison for the tax-avoiders named and shamed in the Panama Papers.

h/t: dailymail

Last year, 11 million financial documents dubbed the Panama Papers were leaked from a Panamanian law firm. The leaked papers show how the world’s rich and powerful use offshore tax havens to hide their wealth.

Now designers have released concept artwork for the ‘Panama Papers Jail’ (PPJ). Architects said the ship’s open-air prison cells would be made from paper and make up the boat’s giant sails.

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