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This Tiny House Has A Strange Roof But The Reason Is Genius!


Most of the time, a tiny home is inhabited by one or two people. There simply isn’t enough space for an entire family to live – until now. This home is under 200 square feet and yet, a family of four is able to make this tiny space their palace. Wait until you see how they maximized their space and used design elements to make everything feel more spacious.


“Meet the Pequod, our most elegant and complex build to date. This is a larger tiny house that we built for a family of four currently residing in Indiana. At 26′ long, this house weighs 11,500# dry and maxes out at 8′-6″ wide and 13′-6″ tall. It uses a drop axle trailer chassis that makes towing a little trickier, but adds 4″ of headroom in the lofts.”


“The wavy shape of the roof is a function of maximizing heights in the lofts, lowering ceiling heights elsewhere, and aiming for a “whimsical” design aesthetic.”


“While pure and simple in theory, in reality it proved to be very challenging and time consuming to execute. In fact, this house was so challenging to build, that it sells for quite a bit higher than our normal priced houses. For those curious, if we were to build a replica of this house it would sell for $80,000. A build such as this is the best of the best, and design/quality of this caliber is not cheap.”


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