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Imaginative Jewellery From The Heart Of Singapore

The tagline for Amado Gudek is ‘imaginative jewellery cast in a clear conscience’. Brilliant. Like a lot of things we buy these days, jewellery purchases need to be examined for issues within the supply chain (child labor and conflict are rife). To sidestep those landmines, designer Elaine Tan handcrafts her line using eco-friendly bioresins, biodegradable green plastics and other mixed media. Everything is designed and made in her native Singapore.

More info: Amado Gudek (h/t: magnifeco)

While tradtional resins are composed primarily of petroleum-based materials, bioresins contain biobased renewable materials sourced as co-products or from waste streams of other industrial processes, such as wood pulp and bio-fuels production. The Amado Gudek bioresin is imported from California and is considered the highest clarity and quality and has superior UV-resistant properties (which will prevent the “yellowing” often seen in other brands of resins.)

“Our ‘Mountain Bonsai’ collection explores the beauty of unsung plant fillers as they take center stage in this series of work. Conventionally used to bring out the beauty of bigger and more colourful flowers, plant fillers have a delicate charm of their own, which this collection seeks to highlight and accentuate. Set against a dewy, speckled backdrop, dried plant fillers such as Caspia, Gypsophilia, Pepper grass and Sea moss are framed and embedded by hand in geometric bioresin blocks and made into wearable pieces. The result is one that is breathtakingly inimitable, exuding an ethereal charm unique to their fragile but unyielding existence. The entire collection is designed and handcrafted in our Singapore studio.”

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