Revenant Bear Mauls Comic-Con: Ex-‘Mythbusters’ Host’s Annual Incognito Costume Includes Leonardo DiCaprio Corpse – Design You Trust

Revenant Bear Mauls Comic-Con: Ex-‘Mythbusters’ Host’s Annual Incognito Costume Includes Leonardo DiCaprio Corpse


Cosplay master Adam Savage is revealing his annual Comic-Con costume: The former Mythbusters host just stormed the San Diego Convention Center dressed as the vicious bear from The Revenant — complete with a dummy mauled corpse of Leonardo DiCaprio (clutching an Oscar!). It’s might be the most clever costume idea yet from Savage, who recently gave a TedTalk on the subject of cosplay and each year goes incognito at the fan convention dressed in one of his creations.

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“The inspiration comes from having always wanted to make a big realistic kinda scary bear costume. I couldn’t tell you why, I just like the idea. I’ve thought about it for a few years now, and I was in New Jersey last winter working with Rick Lyon, who’s a master puppeteer, and we were working with fur for puppets and corset boning. And I realized I could make a large costume that was light weight rather than heavy. And I thought the greatest joke would be to be a bear and drag around the carcass of Leonardo DiCaprio.”, Adam told Entertainment Weekly.


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