This Paper Artist Creates Realistic Life-Like Animals And Insects

According to Tina Kraus: “About two years ago I have started to make paper sculptures with fine crepe paper. First I made plants, then insects and one gecko.

When I began working with crepe paper, I started with creating traditional flowers, but I was curious what else I could do with it. So I made a not-so-traditional plant, the Venus flytrap. I had a lot of fun with the details! Next, I tried to make insects, even though the insects I chose are not too far from plants since they are disguised as flowers or sticks.

After that, I challenged myself to make a gecko, and I was quite happy with how it turned out. Recently I got my first commission for a mantis. I have many ideas on what to make next, now I only have to find the time!”

More: Tina Kraus h/t: boredpanda

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