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Artist Uses Skills to Reimagined How Would Cartoon Characters Look In Real Life

Pink Panther

Dito Von Tease is the pseudonym of a digital artist living in Bologna (Italy), who keeps hidden his real identity. He studied in the best Italian schools of fine arts communication and design before starting his double career as an art director in important advertising agencies and as an independent digital artist.

According to an artist: “I reimagined 38 animal cartoons as living beings, using digital painting. I created a big gallery that reminds us of sweet memories from childhood. I chose them directly from the ’70s to the present, from cartoons to comics, from Italy to the rest of the world.

I tried to give them their pose, their look, their soul and the result looks like real animals cosplaying their relative cartoon character. I showed the project to my son Alessandro (4 years old) and he recognized almost all of them.”

More: Dito Von Tease, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Mickey Mouse



Donald Duck


Bugs Bunny

Kermit The Frog



Robin Hood

Patrick Star

Babar The Elephant



The Cat In The Hat

King Julien

Cheshire Cat




Scrooge McDuck

Wile E. Coyote

Sir Hiss



Brian Griffin


Peppa Pig

Bojack Horseman

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