These Beautiful Photos Of Subway Stations Will Transport You From Your Daily Commute

T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sewden

“Honestly, I’m just really obsessed with looking at photos of metros,” says Montreal-based photographer Chris Forsyth. The photography student at Montreal’s Dawson College has been documenting the unique interiors of the Canadian city’s 68 transit stations, which date to the 1960s, for nearly two years.

Mre info: Chris Forsyth, Instagram (h/t: atlasobscura)

Prague, Czech Republic

His work, he says, focuses on accentuating the design he finds most people could appreciate if they realized it were there.

“[I’m] just trying to bring out that overlooked beauty in the architecture that I find people tend to miss when they’re on their daily commute.”

Bahnhof Berlin Messe Nord/ICC

Forsyth recently took his Montreal Metro Project on the road, to European cities—Berlin, Munich, and Stockholm—to explore the hidden architectural splendor of their transit systems.

Sherbrooke (Montreal Metro)

Métro Fabre

Jarry station’s ceiling is an icon of Montreal’s metro.

Champ-de-Mars (Montreal Metro)

Sherbrooke (Montreal Metro)

Sherbrooke (Montreal Metro)

Metro De L’eglise

U-Bahn Station Fröttmaning


Solna Centrum Tunnelbanestasjon

Acadie (Montreal Metro)


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