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This Artist With Synesthesia Sees Colors In Music And Paints Your Favorite Songs

David Bowie, “Life on Mars.”

Melissa McCracken grew up with a neurological condition that means she processes songs as colors—a gift that translates into paintings inspired by her favorite musicians.The 26-year-old from Kansas City, Missouri has a rare neurological phenomenon affecting approximately four percent of population that mixes up the brain’s response to certain stimuli as if it had been cross-wired. Synesthesia affects people differently, but McCracken’s form—known as chromesthesia—means she spontaneously and involuntarily sees colors when listening to music.

More info: Melissa McCracken (h/t: broadly)

Prince, “Joy in Repetition.”

“Synesthesia doesn’t interfere with my sight in any way and it’s not hallucinogenic. It just floats there in a similar way to how you would imagine something or visualize a memory. I don’t need to close my eyes but it helps me visualize it better if I do,” Melissa told Broadly.

Radiohead, “All I Need.”

Iron & Wine, “Boy With a Coin.”

Bach, “Cello Suite No. 1.”

Radiohead, “Karma Police.”

Pink Floyd, “Time.”

Bon Iver, “For Emma, Forever Ago.”

John Lennon, “Julia.”

Jimi Hendrix, “Little Wing.”

Stevie Ray Vaughan, “Lenny.”

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