Graffiti Artist Turns South African Towns Into Open-Air Galleries

Urban artist Falco One brings life and color to the streets of South African towns. After thirty-two years as a graffiti artist, Falco has played a significant role in the development of South Africa’s graffiti scene by leaving his marks on lonely walls. The artist’s awe-inspiring murals often resemble local wildlife which also cleverly interacts with various elements of the buildings, such as windows, pipes, or air conditioners.

More: Falco One, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

In 2010, Falco started a project called “Once Upon A Town,” where he painted his way across South Africa, turning poor neighborhoods into open-air galleries that attract tourists. Vivid elephants in all shapes and forms are his most common and recognizable artworks. Scroll down to check his most incredible spray-painted creations!

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