Yokai Horrors From The 18th Century Bakemono Zukushi Scroll – The Nightmarish, Curious And Rather Cute Demons Were Created In The Edo Period

Oyajirome (親白眼) has a bulging eye on the back of its head and a claw on its one-fingered hand.

You could cut this 18th Century Japanese scroll into neat squares and use the 24 images for a game of ‘Guess Who? – Yokai.’ Does yours have one eye..? Does yours have teeth..? Does yours eat raw human anuses..? (The Kappa does.) The scroll, known as the Bakemono zukushi, was painted by an artist or artist now unknown.

“Put simply, they are the supernatural creatures of Japanese folklore. The word literally means “bewitching” and “strange.” It encompasses monsters, demons, gods, ghosts, magical animals, transformed humans, urban legends, and strange phenomena…” – Matthew Mayer.

h/t: flashbak

Daichiuchi (大地打) is a mallet-wielding monster with a bird-like face

Also, check these bizarre anatomical illustrations of Japanese fFolk monsters.

Dōmo-kōmo (どうもこうも) is a two-headed creature with gray skin

Sara-hebi (さら蛇) is a large, snake-like creature with the head of a woman

Mi-no-kedachi (身の毛立) has a coat of body hair that stands on end.

Nobusuma (のぶすま) has a brown body, human-like face, spiky hair, claws, and sharp black teeth

Uma-shika (馬鹿) is a horse-like monster with a horn on its head and a single bulging eye

Hajikkaki (はぢっかき) has a round white body with short arms and legs

Odoroshi (おどろし) is a red-faced monster with big eyes, black teeth, and long hair

Yume-no-seirei (“dream ghost” – 夢の精霊) appears as a thin old man in a white robe

Yamamba (山姥) is a mountain hag

Rokurokubi (ろくろくび), a long-necked woman, is pictured next to an Inugami (犬神) dog spirit

Ushi-oni (牛鬼) is a sea monster with the head of a cow and the body of a giant spider or crab

Yamawaro (山童) is a one-eyed kappa-like creature found in the mountains

Buraribi (ぶらり火) is a white, bird-like creature surrounded by ghostly flames

Uwan (うわん) is a creature that inhabits abandoned buildings

Yuki-onna (“snow woman” – 雪女) appears on snowy nights as a beautiful woman with long hair

Kami-kiri (“hair cutter” – 髪切) are known for sneaking up on people and cutting off their hai

Akashita (“red tongue” – 赤舌) is a hairy-faced creature that hides in a dark cloud

Boukon (亡魂), a departed soul, appears to have pale blue skin, long hair, and a distended belly

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