The Superb Comics About Silly Things And Weird Situations By Will Santino

Will Santino is a cartoonist and illustrator who is famous for his interesting one-panel comics. His short comics are usually black-and-white with some occasional splash of colors. He uses very few words, sometimes he even conveys his ideas without a single word. The artist’s drawing style is minimalistic and he uses silly humor and absurd situations to illustrate his comics.

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the artist revealed, “I started drawing cartoons during a difficult time in my life, while I was processing grief after a loss. I am inspired by nature, stories, mythology, animals, and books. I like to add more silliness, wonder, whimsy, and absurdity into the world.” Scroll below to read some interesting cartoons by Will Santino.

More: Will Santino, Instagram, Patreon, Facebook h/t: demilked

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