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Dystopian Lighthouses By Adrian Labaut Hernandez

Lighthouse designs portray a feeling of sadness and depression, as they are rarely used, only a few people stay there, who are the workers and they can only listen to the sound of the sea and dwell into a more gloomy state. Adrian Labaut Hernandez, with his Dystopian Lighthouses, poses a question towards this perception.

The reason for them being not designed appropriately is because they are seen from far and are basically acting as a landmark for people to know that a piece of land is near by if they follow the light. The forms are basically limited, with light on top and a hung bell.

Cuban graphic designer Adrian Labaut Hernandez illustrates a structure with a desolated landscape rendered black and white, and added a new illuminating detail on the top which looks like a golden beacon of light.

Adrian states that they are “destined never to be happy, isolated beings on earth, without any attachment to life”.

The lighthouses are spaces which can also enhance the landscape by making it inviting visually and also enhance the curiosity of the people who want to come towards it.

More info: Adrian Labaut Hernandez, Behance (h/t: arch2o, designboom)

He has also created a series of fictional architecture where he questions where architecture is going as of today. In his opinion, this discipline is creating objects that are consciously dead, without a base or foundation, beyond philosophy, discourse, and theory. He states that themes that are not necessarily linked to architecture are being used, and those inherently related with the profession are slowly and endlessly forgotten.

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