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This Old Warehouse Was Sold For 1 230 000 USD And Once You See The Inside, You’ll Understand Why

Old Warehouse

A converted industrial warehouse has been recently sold in Brisbane for a whopping $1.23M. You might be thinking “What’s the big deal?” but the house is already being nicknamed ‘The coolest home in Brisbane’ and once you see the inside, you’ll understand why.

The warehouse was built back in 1950 and looks like any ordinary facade from the outside but once you enter, you quickly see the industrial-style home in all of its glory. The huge two bedroom property has everything any hip person could want – vintage brick walls, concrete floors, exposed steel beams, and just wait until you see the bathroom!

It even has a beautiful courtyard where you can “sip your Barista-made coffee while soaking up the sunshine,” said the property ad. Some other features of the property that attracted many potential buyers were a rare two street access and an open-floor design, meaning you can create any type of living space you want.

h/t: demilked, dailymail

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