Lovely House Built by a Russian Blacksmith

We want to show you a very unusual house built by a Russian blacksmith Kirillov for his family. The house is situated in Kunara village, between Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil. Unfortunately, the blacksmith passed away almost 20 years ago.

h/t: englishrussia

In fact, the village populated only by 143 people as per 2010 (even fewer now), does not have anything interesting but this very house. Locals lovingly call it a gingerbread house. It was being built since 1954 t0 1967. All decor elements are made from wood and metal.

May the sun be forever, may the sky be forever!”

“May mother live forever, may the peace be forever”

S. I. Kirillov died in 2001. He made his grave with his own hands. His wife died in 2019. She’s buried next to her husband.

This project became the meaning of his life.

Kind people helped to restore the house after the death of the author.

Some people tried to buy the house and offered big money, but the family never agreed to sell it.

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