Incredible Aerial Pictures Of The Shanghai Disneyland Theme Park

Image credits: AFP / Getty Images

Images show Shanghai Disneyland’s lofty 196-foot-tall castle and resort buildings undergoing their final stages of construction. And it appears that fans are excited about the developments, as tickets for the June 16 opening day sold out within hours of being listed on the company’s official ticketing website.

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Image credits: AFP / Getty Images

Despite being eight times the size of the 126-acre Hong Kong Disneyland, the park, which cost $5.5billion (£3.8billion) to build, is said to be the cheapest out of all the Disneyland resorts.

Image credits: AFP / Getty Images

The 963-acre Shanghai Disneyland is the company’s sixth park worldwide. It has promised that it will pay homage to traditional Chinese culture as well as showcasing Disney’s favourite films.

Image credits: Xinhua / Barcroft Media

The Enchanted Storybook Castle is the tallest out of the six Disney venues and the park will feature six themed lands, packed full of family attractions and live entertainment offerings.

Image credits: Xinhua / Barcroft Media

The idea of creating a park in mainland China has been planned since the 1990s with the park eventually given the go ahead in 2011.

Image credits: Xinhua / Barcroft Media

Star Wars will also feature in the new park with a ride in Tomorrowland along with a Tron themed ride where thrill seekers climb aboard motorcycles.

Image credits: AFP / Getty Images

Image credits: AFP / Getty Images

Image credits: AFP / Getty Images

Image credits: Xinhua / Shutterstock

Image credits: Shanghai Disney Resort

Treasure Cove is the first pirate-themed land at a Disney park, created especially for Shanghai Disneyland. The land will feature five neighbourhoods.

Image credits: Shanghai Disney Resort

In the park there is set to be the first carousel in a Disney park that features the symphonic music and mythical creatures from the Disney film Fantasia.

Image credits: Shanghai Disney Resort

Visitors will journey through the adventures of Pooh and his friends with oversized storybooks telling the story in Chinese.

Image credits: Shanghai Disney Resort

Star Wars Launch Bay will be a celebration of the Star Wars Galaxy, where guests will meet heroes and villains of the saga, visit iconic intergalactic set-pieces, view props and memorabilia from the most recent Episode, and be immersed in the Skywalker story through a cinematic experience.

Image credits: Shanghai Disney Resort

A Tron themed ride where visitors sit on motorbike carriages will be included in Tomorrowland at the newest Disneyland park.

Image credits: Shanghai Disney Resort

Fantasyland will be the largest of all the lands in Shanghai Disney Resort and home to the Enchanted Storybook Castle.

Image credits: Shanghai Disney Resort

Bronze statues of Mickey and Minnie in formal attire will welcome guests to the Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel.

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