The Incredible ‘Unbalanced Hotel’ to be Built into the Side of a Cliff in Peru

A hotel set to be built in Peru has been designed to look like a giant, off-center picture frame.

The cliff-hugging structure, designed for a private client by Madrid-based architecture firm OOIIO, will serve as the perfect frame for the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the Andes on the other. Provisionally named the Unbalanced Hotel, the building is intended to become a landmark for Lima, where it will be built into cliffs outside the city center. The Unbalanced Hotel will have 125 rooms, restaurants, conference rooms and exhibition spaces.

A hotel ‘constructed in a traditional way would be a visual barrier… that could block the ocean view,’ according to the OOIIO website. ‘Thanks to [the hotel’s] peculiar shape, the landscape is now even more relevant – we have framed it!’ The design was commissioned by a private South American client but the plans have yet to be approved by city planners.

Source: The Daily Mail

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