Project “New Etno” By Makeup Artist And Stylist Beata Bojda -The Artist Used Traditional Polish Flower Crowns – Design You Trust

Project “New Etno” By Makeup Artist And Stylist Beata Bojda -The Artist Used Traditional Polish Flower Crowns

Project ‘New Etno’ is a continuation of a art series made by makeup artist and stylist Beata Bojda and a photographer Ewa Żylińska.

The artistic duo used the traditional Slavic (in this case Polish) flower crowns and all the modern accessories, jewelry, and makeup with a mission to experiment the so called ‘etno’ fashion. Beata is obviously very inspired inspired by the traditional folk paintings of the Holy Mother as she explains. The flower crowns were recreated with the help of Edyta Cieślik-Moczek, owner of the folk museum Niebowo to make it as realistic as possible.

If you are wondering, it is not easy to make such flower crowns. This technique is old over 100 years, the flowers were made by twisting the colorful crepe paper – just like Slavic girls did it in rural Poland long time ago.

More info: Beata Bojda, Ula Kóska (h/t: slavforum)

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