Wood Artist Jack Lebond Creates Fantastic Grenade End Tables

It’s a classy and elegant look that shows your houseguests or new romantic partners what they’re getting into. Etsy seller Jack Lebond of Austin makes these 18 and 24 inch tall tables out of plywood. They’re unfinished, so you can paint them however you like. I suggest bright pastels for the children’s bedrooms.

More: Facebook, Etsy h/t: neatorama

“Most of my works are created from reclaimed wood, others from renewable species plywood, and a few from acrylics and steel. Some pieces are painted, some further aged, others left raw and beaten. Many are laser engraved, which contrasts nicely with the rustic, randomness of wood. If you see something you like, shoot me a message to purchase. If you don’t, well, I love to do custom work – shoot me a message and we’ll get something started for you,” says Jack.

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