Woman Flawlessly Retakes Her Study Abroad Photos, 30 Years Later

“Thirty years later in Strasbourg, France. I was wearing a mini skirt and couldn’t mimic the pose.”

California-based photographer Lisa Werner traveled to Europe this summer to meet up with relatives, making stops in France and Germany. Before the trip, she scanned some old photos from when she took a language course there from 1986 to 1987. She made it her mission to retake the photos in the same locations, which she says was surprisingly easy.

“I just returned home to California after completing a fun photography project in Europe. I took 13 scanned old photos of me from 30 years ago and went to see if I could find the same exact locations to take photos of what I look like now. I hope to return again in another thirty years!” – Lisa Werner told Bored Panda.

More info: Lisa Werner Photos (h/t: boredpanda, huffpost)

“Thirty years later in Strasbourg, France. They’ve added pretty flowers to the bridge.”

“Thirty years later in Strasbourg, France. Notice how much the tree has grown.”

“Thirty years later in Strasbourg, France. Due to road construction, this was as close the the same exact location as I could get.”

“Thirty years later in Heidelberg, Germany. I was alone on the bridge and had to recruit a group of German students to accurately re-create the scene.”

“Thirty years later in Heidelberg, Germany. This winding trail is called Schlangenweg (Snakes Way) which leads up to Philosophenweg (Philosophers Way)”

“Thirty years later in Mainz, Germany. Scary how easily I remembered exactly where to find this sculpture.”

“Thirty years later in Mainz, Germany. My iPhone logged in 20,477 steps this day, but seeing Steinberg Winery near Eltville was worth it.”

“Thirty years later in Cologne, Germany. She hasn’t changed a bit, except perhaps better posture.”

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