Awesome Photos of Stephen King Posing With His Beloved Cats From the 1980s

“Cats were the gangsters of the animal world, living outside the law and often dying there. There were a great many of them who never grew old by the fire.” ― Stephen King, Pet Sematary.


Horror, fantasy, and science-fiction author Stephen King has written 49 novels, nine collections of short stories, and five non-fiction books. He is also well-known for the many films based on his work, including The Shining (1980), Stand by Me (1986), and Pet Sematary (1989).

The 1985 film Cat’s Eye (1985), written by King and based on his stories “Quitters, Inc.” and “The Ledge” features a mysterious cat protagonist throughout the three-chapter anthology.

Despite once writing in a short story that “it might be that the biggest division in the world isn’t men and women but folks who like cats and folks who like dogs,” it seems that the King family does in fact keep both cats and dogs as pets.

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