Wax Sculpture Of Sleeping Woman Doubles As Candle

Belgian fashion design firm A. F. Vandevorst created this wax sculpture of a sleeping woman that doubles as a most unsettling candle. The sculpture was displayed at the 2011 Arnhem Mode Biennale.

“Upon entering the room, we found models lying on beds. Dresses and skirt were arranged from pillowcases; diagonally distorted draperies formed shirts, and pleated fabric was sewn into skirts. We took photos fanatically. We could have a close look at the clothes and see all the details. The girls on the beds had no make-up, and they did not seem to care about the wrinkles in their dresses or their dishevelled hair. Eventually, they started to rise one by one, and the show had begun. A very unique stage effect that capsized conventional shows, where you have to line up in a long queue and wait a long time for the opening and you don’t even get to see the whole model’s figure,” Nakako Hayashi on the Individuals collection.

Production: Lenn Cox + Jp Scheen
Taxidermist: Richard Philips

h/t: laughingsquid

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