“In Case Of Emergency”: Humorous Digital Artworks By Ben Fearnley

‘In Case Of Emergency’ is a self-initiated art project by talented digital artist Ben Fearnley. Residing from a small, northern town in England to the iconic streets of New York, Ben Fearnley is a highly skilled, professional CG artist, creative thinker and visual story teller.

His versatile talent and broad skillset within the 3D world allows him to work across a wide scope of mediums such as illustration, typography, animation, graphic design and digital art within the various fields of work ranging from advertising to film, editorial and publishing.

“In Case Of Emergency is a self initiated art project re-inventing everyday emergency equipment and flipping the focus and design language to be based upon eating and drinking habits. With this project I played on people’s cravings adding a humorous twist to what’s typically interpreted in a serious manner,” he wrote.

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