This Is An Ad For Men: Hire More Women In Leadership Roles

The sad truth about gender equality in Germany: Men dominate the management and executive boards – with 91.4%. Time to prove that women belong in leadership too. Based on a data project, L’Oreal Paris collected and analyzed several studies and data sets with results that led to the first cosmetic advertising for men.

Simplified infographics with products prove that women belong in leadership roles. For good reasons: With women in 30% of management positions profitability increases by 15%. They perform 24% better in management reviews. And help to develop more innovations, for example with 20% more patents per year.

All this speaks a clear language…which is also understood by the decision-makers in listed companies: men.

This print advertisement created by McCann, Germany for L’Oreal.

h/t: adsoftheworld

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