Guy Photoshops Himself Having Fun Adventures With Disney Characters And The Result Is Adorably Funny

As children, many of us have dreamed of magical places where we would have some wild adventures with a few cool friends whom we just met in a fantasy world.

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These friends would take us for who we are and of course, these wild adventures would be lots of fun without a care in the world. Let’s admit that most of these fantasies were inspired by movies which we saw as children and most of them would mix real life with fantasy.

Movies like Mary Poppins (1964), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Space Jam (1996) and many more, made us believe that the world is full of magic and it’s actually possible to meet some fantasy creatures in the real world. Even though these movies ensured crowded movie theaters, as we grew up we realized that this magic is not so common in the real world. However, one artist refused to grow up so he decided to use the magic of Photoshop to blend himself into the magical world of Disney.

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