Design Duo Creates Fictional Maps That Honour Nature, Animals And Extraordinary People

DAU-DAW consists of two guys from the city of Aarhus, Denmark – Jeppe Knudsen Ringsted (DAU) and Nicolai Søndergaard (DAW).

Jeppe is the creative mind behind the posters, while Nicolai is the managing part of the business.

Ever since he was little, Jeppe has always had a fascination for tiny stuff like model trains, the landscape you build around it, those little finger skateboards and ramps, etc.. It’s safe to say that most of the posters you will find here on this webpage are greatly inspired by this fascination for small worlds.

“The “maps” are all divided into different countries and every mountain, every lake, every city and every ocean in these pieces are named after everything relevant to the title of each piece. Take for example Elephantidae – Land of the Elephant (which is part of the series called Mappa Animalia),” Jeppe told Bored Panda. “Everything in this “map” is named after both fictional and actual elephant species that are either extinct or still around today. Mappa Animalia is meant as a tribute to mother nature and the entire animal kingdom and illustrates how animals and nature together form a beautiful symbiosis.”

More info: DAU-DAW, Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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